For Nurses

MMMC-Connie-StoneMessage from Connie Stone, BSN, MSM, CENP
Chief Nursing Officer and Vice President of Patient Care Services

"As the healthcare needs of the population have changed, so too has the scope of practice for nurses. Today’s patients have more complex conditions than ever before. The need for nurses to be highly trained and well-educated—as well as critical thinkers—is essential for them to be a partner in many high-level clinical decisions affecting patient outcomes.

In 2015, as in previous years, the nursing staff at MedStar Montgomery Medical Center stepped up to the challenges of our times with confidence and compassion...

During the year, we began expanding the adoption of relationship-based care to the entire nursing team with much success. This care delivery model, designed to engage patients in all aspects of their care, has now been embraced throughout the hospital as well—a source of great pride. In addition, a number of new initiatives were introduced to ensure an excellent experience for every patient and family we serve..."

Continue reading Connie's message and the remarkle work of our Nursing Staff here at MedStar Montgomery:
2017 Nursing Annual Report.

Nursing Service Vision

The Nursing Service at MedStar Montgomery Medical Center will be the trusted leader for nurse practice, patient experience, performance improvement and patient flow through the use of theory-driven evidence based practice.

Nursing Service Mission

MedStar Montgomery Medical Center nurses promote quality patient outcomes through caring relationships with patients, families and the community.

Nursing Service Philosophy

The philosophy of nursing at MedStar Montgomery Medical Center reflects the vision and values of our organization. We support an environment that promotes professional nursing practice and collaborative governance which emphasizes several key principles:

  • Compassionate caring by nurses leads to improvements in patient’s physical healing, sense of self determination, confidence and mental attitude.
  • Nursing care for each patient and family is individualized, compassionate and culturally appropriate.
  • Nurses collaborate with patients, families and other health team members to plan and provide nursing care that will achieve an optimal level of health and wellness, or when it is not possible, support the experience of loss and death.
  • We believe in creating a work climate for nurses that nurtures and supports clinical expertise, education, collaborative governance and research, fostering recruitment and retention of nursing staff who demonstrate the highest integrity, competence and qualifications.