New WISH Program: Helps Seniors Stay Healthy at Home

FOY_WISHWellness and Independence for Seniors at Home (WISH) is a program of the Nexus Montgomery Regional Partnership and is supported by the six hospitals in Montgomery County, including MedStar Montgomery Medical Center.

WISH aims to reduce avoidable hospital visits by connecting people age 65-plus living in Montgomery County and parts of Prince George’s County to the support and services they need to remain healthy and independent at home.

Individuals who are 65-plus and have Medicare may be eligible for a free, confidential health survey. During the survey, individuals can discuss their health, identify support they need and learn about services available in the community. Individuals may qualify for free health coaching from The Coordinating Center if their health survey results show that the WISH program will help them stay healthy at home and out of the hospital.

To schedule a health survey for yourself or a loved one, call 301-628-3177. Language interpretation is available free of charge.