Patient/Family Advisory Council

Patient/Family Advisory Council

Partnering with our Patients

  • Have you or a family member been a patient at MedStar Montgomery Medical Center in the last two years?
  • Would you like to become an active partner with the hospital to share your experience and provide ideas and insight for care in the future?
  • Can you dedicate two hours per month to the hospital to improve the patient/family experience?

If you have answered yes to the questions above, we invite you to join in a partnership with MedStar Montgomery to share your important perspectives in helping us improve the patient experience.

What is the Patient and Family Advisory Council for Quality and Safety?

The Patient and Family Advisory Council for Quality and Safety is a partnership between the community and the hospital, sharing the voice of the patient and their families to improve healthcare quality and safety.

Should You Join the Council?

  • Do you listen well and respect various points of view?
  • Will you see beyond your own personal experiences?
  • Do you speak comfortably in a group?

Member Responsibilities

 The council meets one time a month for a 90 minute period. While the responsibilities will vary based on the overall needs of the council, made up of past patients, families and patient caregivers, responsibilities will include:

  • Share information, ideas and concerns from your perspective to hospital administration and staff.
  • Assist in establishing priorities related to patient and family needs to create programs that improve quality and safety.
  • Function as a representative of our patients and their families.
  • Serve as a liaison between MedStar Montgomery and our community.

If you would like more information, contact a council representative at 301-774-8969.

Patient/Family Advisory Council Application

If you are interested in joining the council, please complete the online application below. Once your application has been received by the hospital you will be asked to complete an interview with staff members and provide information as required for all hospital volunteers.

Patient Family Advisory Application

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Community Council Members

Jeanne O’Toole
Council Chair
Richard Banvard
Phyllis Bottegal
Clifton Carwile
Amy Kines
Gary Kramer
Kim Lyons

Not pictured:  Sarah Landry, William Regnault, Bob Shirley

Hospital Representatives

John Ferguson
MedStar Montgomery Board Member
Chairman, Quality and Safety
Helena Harris
Patient Advocate
Diana Saladini
Director, Population Health, PFAC Lead

Not pictured: Fred Finelli, MD, Vice President of Medical Affairs; Ann Kapuscinski, RN, Transitional Care; Carolyn Karl, Sr. Specialist, Marketing and Communications; Roger Leonard, MD, PFACQS Corporate Liaison; Tonja Paylor, Director, Marketing and Communications