Direct Admissions

Call the House Supervisor at 301-774-8767 with patient demographics, diagnosis and insurance information or send to Emergency Department for urgent admissions.

In- and Outpatient Surgical Admissions

Call the Surgical Posting Office at 301-774-8615. To post elective surgical cases, fax the surgical posting form to 301-570-7863.

Cardiac and Vascular Lab Admissions

Call Surgical posting at 301-774-8615.

Pre-admission/Pre-certification Procedures

All demographic and insurance/pre-certification/authorization information is obtained and/or verified prior to the patient’s admission to the hospital. As surgical cases are posted and/or reservations made, a Financial Clearance Department representative will contact the patient and/or the physician’s office for required pre-admission/pre-certification/authorization information. Hours 8:30am to 5:00pm.

For insurance verification and authorization, contact:

Denise Tibbs 301-774-8673
Melinda Hanley 301-774-8695
Marsha Blank  301-774-8696
Anne-Marie Buckley 301-570-7213
Janet Barlow 301-570-7489