Meet our Leadership Team

MedStar Montgomery Medical Center's leadership team consists of people who bring a wealth of experience and diversity to shape our future. Click on the links below to meet each leader:


TJ Senker

T.J. Senker, FACHE
President, MedStar Montgomery Medical Center


Frederick C. Finelli, MD, JD
Vice President for Medical Affairs

David A. Havrilla
Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Mary Jo Schweickhardt
Vice President of Human Resources

Claire Piccirillo, DNP, MS, RN
Vice President of Patient Care Services
& Chief Nursing Officer

Nathan Barbo

Nathan Barbo
 Vice President, Professional Services

Board of Directors: 2018-2019 

  • Katherine Farquhar, PhD, Chair 
  • John Ferguson, Vice Chair 
  • Kenneth Samet, Director 
  • Joy Drass, MD, Director 
  • Thomas J. Senker, FACHE, President 
  • Joseph Bell, Director 
  • Sujithra Jayaraj, MD, Director 
  • James Bonifant, Director 
  • Alok Mathur, MD, Director 
  • Karen Nordstrom, Director 
  • Steven Shimoura, MD, Director 
  • Wendy Walker, DVM, Director 
  • Richard Weinstein, MD, Director 
  • Richard Hoffman, Director 
  • Richard Kurnot, Director 
  • Ana Maldonado, MD, Director 
  • Debbie Ellinghaus, Director