Peritoneal surface malignancies are cancers that grow or spread along the peritoneal surfaces, the tissues inside the abdomen. In the past, someone diagnosed with these challenging cancers had a very poor prognosis, but many of our patients now live full, active lives after treatment. Often, the disease is even curable.

We welcome the chance to help you with an initial diagnosis or offer a second opinion.

Peritoneal Surface Malignancy Care 

Our program features:

Team Approach

Our team includes experienced surgical oncologists, medical oncologists, and support staff, all ready to deliver excellent, advanced care.

Careful and Comprehensive Evaluation

Before recommending a treatment, our team completes a thorough evaluation to ensure an accurate diagnosis and identification of the best approach. We spend time with you and your family to explain the findings and the options, making sure all your questions are answered and concerns addressed.

Make an Appointment

For more information or to schedule an appointment with a cancer care specialist, call 301-774-8962.

Ways to Help

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Cancer Treatment Clinical Trials

Putting research to the test through this new partnership, our patients have access to cutting-edge technology and novel therapeutics that hold promise for the advancement of medicine and patient care. We provide seamless, coordinated care for our patients who choose to participate in one or more cancer treatment studies. Learn more about clinical trials available through the Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center.