Neurosurgery Conditions

Our brains represent one of the last great frontiers of humankind; understanding them is a challenge that will pave the way for as-yet-unimagined possibilities. Inspired by such possibilities, doctors and researchers who study the brain and the nervous system discover new wonders every day about how humankind thinks and operates. At the forefront of these discoveries are the neurosurgeons and neuroscientists at MedStar Montgomery Medical Center who specialize in evaluating, diagnosing, and treating both common and rare neurological conditions and diseases.

Eight out of 10 Americans experience neck or back pain during their lives. In the past, surgical treatments for spine conditions were often as much a source of fear and pain as the conditions themselves. Minimally invasive spine surgery has changed this forever. Our expert neurosurgeons can help you determine whether spine surgery is right for you. They will address a range of minimally invasive surgery options for issues such as neck and lower back pain, as well as limb numbness, weakness or tingling.

Throughout MedStar Montgomery, our neuroscience programs use a team approach to effectively treat some of the region’s most complex cases of stroke, aneurysm and cancer—as well as disorders of the brain and spine—and to offer new options and hope to all of our patients.

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