When it comes to making memories...we deliver!

Understanding the needs of new mothers is our specialty at the Maternal Newborn Center at MedStar Montgomery Medical Center. After surveying patients, doctors, nurses and even visitors to find out what people wanted in a birthing experience; we took the time and committed resources to make our Maternal Newborn Center the preferred destination for expecting families.

Private Rooms

  • All of the rooms in our Maternal Newborn Center are private, spacious and beautifully decorated featuring ceramic tile baths, flat-screen TVs and Internet access. Each room also has a pull-out or sofa bed so your support person can stay overnight in comfort.
  • Our mother baby suites offer "rooming in" so new parents can bond with their baby and have hands on education, practice and return demonstration in infant care with the assistance of our experienced staff.
  • Our televisions are equipped with the Skylight System where educational videos on infant care, breast feeding and mother care are available 24 hours.

Special Amenities

  • The hospital provides designated spaces reserved for our pregnant patients so your vehicle is conveniently located and continually monitored by our Security Department. Our Maternal Newborn Center is a locked unit for the security of you and your baby.
  • When you get hungry, we offer room service for all moms. You may order a guest tray (at cost) for your support person for your convenience.
  • New parents also have access to a pantry on the unit where snacks and drinks are available - free of charge.
  • Our roomy cafeteria offers a variety of food choices including a deli, grill, entree station and salad bar. Desserts and frozen yogurt are also available.    

Highly Skilled Specialists

  • The Maternal Newborn Center has highly skilled Neonatologists who are available to care for babies with special care needs in our neonatal nursery. We also have board-certified Pediatricians available 24/7.

Experienced Nurses

  • Our attentive and experienced nursing staff specialize in neonatal and maternal care. They provide the most updated care for you and your baby. Our favorable nurse-to-patient ratio ensures personal care with a dash of TLC!

Lactation Specialist

  • Our experienced nursing staff is educated in assisting moms with breast feeding. In addition Lactation Specialists are available upon request.

Highly Skilled Board-Certified Obstetricians

  • Our experienced board-certified OBGYN doctors are in house 24/7 to give you and your baby the best care using state of the art equipment in a personal and professional manner.

Physician Referral Service

  • MedStar Montgomery offers a physician referral service so you can find a board-certified pediatrician to care for your baby. It is important to choose a pediatrician prior to your delivery. Call 301-774-8881.

Make an Appointment

For more information or to speak with a women's health specialist, call us at 855-546-1989

Classes & Events 

  • Maternity Programs (PDF) - download this flyer for a list of all available classes and events.
  • OB Meet & Greet - learn more about upcoming meet and greets at MedStar Montgomery.
  • For more information about classes that are available or to register, click here or call 301-774-8881.

OB Tours

  • Tours of our Maternal Newborn Center are available for our pregnant couples every other Sunday from 1:30 p.m. - 2:30 p.m. Call 301-774-8700 for reservations.

Meet Our OB/GYN Team

  • Learn more about our top-notch team of professionals who understand the special needs of women at every stage of life and are experienced in managing all aspects of a woman’s care. Find a doctor.
  • Meet Dr. Abayomi
  • Meet Dr. Tellawi