The Women’s Board Scholarship Program Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: When is the deadline to submit my application and supporting documents?

A1: Applications must be submitted by Friday, March 15, 2019, at 5:00 p.m. Emailed supporting documents must be dated no later than March 15, 2019, and documents sent by regular mail must be postmarked by March 15, 2019.

Q2: What happens if I try to submit my application after 5 p.m. on Friday, March 15, 2019?

A2: The system will not accept it. The system will close automatically at 5:00 p.m. and cannot be reopened to accept late applications. All applications must be submitted online through the application system; there is no option to send it by email or regular mail. Please give yourself ample time to meet the 5:00 p.m. deadline.

Q3: "l am a male. Can I apply for a scholarship?" ......"I am a permanent resident. Am I eligible to apply for a scholarship?"

A3: Yes, to both questions. Several male applicants have received scholarships in the past. This year the Women's Board decided to open the scholarship program to lawful permanent residents in addition to citizens of the United States. See the Scholarship Application Page regarding required proof of citizenship or permanent residence.

Q4: I have a conditional Green Card. May I use that to apply for a scholarship?

A4: No. A conditional Green Card expires after two years and cannot be renewed. You must have a permanent, renewable Green Card.

Q5: Can I save my application and come back to it later to finish it?

A5: No, there is not an option to save your application and come back to it later. We recommend that you collect all data required and complete the personal statement and any other lengthy responses in a Word Document. Then copy and paste your responses into the application. Our system performs updates throughout the day and evening, and your application may reset. Please do not complete parts of the application and submit it hours later as your work may be lost and an error message may appear. We strongly recommend that when you begin your application, you are prepared to complete it and submit it in its entirety.

Q6: ls there a paper application option?

A6: No, we do not accept paper applications or a printed online application.

Q7: What documents can be submitted by mail?

A7: We will accept official transcripts, reference letters, and proof of United States citizenship or lawful permanent residence via mail. However, we strongly encourage you, your schools, and the writers of your reference letters to submit all documentation by email. You may send a scanned copy of your original proof of citizenship or permanent residence by mail.

Q8: lf I email my documents, do I also need to submit a paper copy?

A8: No, please only submit documentation once. Our preference is you submit your documents via email.

Q9: My school mailed my official transcript to me instead of directly to the Women's Board; will you accept it?

A9: Yes, we will accept it, as long as your official transcript is still in your school's sealed envelope. If you receive your official transcript at home, please place the entire envelope in a mailing envelope and send it to: Women's Board Scholarship Committee, P.O. Box 432, Olney, MD 20830.

Q10: Can I deliver my proof of United States Citizenship or lawful permanent residence, official transcript, and letters of recommendation?

A10: Hospital associates may place these documents in a sealed envelope with "WB Scholarship" written on the front and take them to the Gift Shop when it is open. You must hand the envelope directly to the cashier and ask that it be given to the Scholarship Committee. Do not place envelopes on the counter or slide them under the door; we cannot be responsible for items left in such a manner. All other applicants must mail or email their documents to the address above.

Q11: Why didn't I get a response to the email I sent asking if you received all of my requirements?

A11: We try to respond as quickly and efficiently as possible to all of your emails; we realize you are anxious to be sure your information has reached us. However, our committee is staffed by volunteers. We receive a large volume of emails and processing each application individually takes time. We suggest that you set your email options to request an acknowledgement when we open your email. That way you will know we have received what you sent.

Q12: If I received a 2017 or 2018 Women's Board Scholarship, do I have to provide a proof of United States Citizenship?

A12: 2017 and 2018 scholarship winners do not have to submit a proof of United States Citizenship.

Q13: What browser should I use to complete my online scholarship application?

A13: Please use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer 9 (or higher) to complete your online application.

Q14: What is the impact if I change my major outside the healthcare field?

A14: lf a scholarship winner changes their major to one outside the healthcare field, the recipient will not be permitted to use any unpaid scholarship funds.

Q15: When I try to print my application, I don't get a complete copy. How do I fix this?

A15: We have been trying to resolve this problem. Until we do, we suggest you change your print destination to "save as PDF" and print the application from the resulting document. If this doesn’t capture the full application we suggest that you do a print screen/screenshots of your work.


lf you have any additional questions about the women's Board scholarship Program, please feel free to contact The Scholarship Committee at [email protected] or leave a message at 301-877-8440.
For the quickest response, we recommend communicating via email.